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I've got the following function prototype:

bool key_pressed(enum key key) const;

I documented it using doxygen. Now I have an overloaded version of that function that does the same, so I wanted to copy the doxygen comment like this:

/// @copydoc key_pressed(enum key) const
bool key_pressed(char key) const;

This does not work, I get the following warning from doxygen:

Warning: target key_pressed(enum key) const of \copydoc command not found

If I remove the const from key_pressed(enum key) and from the @copydoc line, it works.

Did I specify the modifier correctly in my copydoc command?

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/// @copydoc key_pressed(enum key) const

Should this not be (enum key key)? Not that I would advise using the same name for the input parameter as the enum name...

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That does the trick! Weird, because the Doxygen documentation states that parameter names can be omitted for autolinking! About naming it the same - I can't really come up with useful alternatives. Avoiding this is the one big benefit of camel notation IMO. –  halifar Aug 22 '10 at 12:04

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