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I'm using sharpsvn dlls for .NET. I'm new to using subversion, and I'd like my repository to be on a filesystem and not on a remote server.

Is it possible to use sharpsvn like this? I mean, have it checking out from c:\somewhere to c:\somewhere-else?

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You can create a local SVN repos. I don't know exactly how the sharpsvn library works, but this is how you can do it with the command line svn client.

C:\>mkdir svntest
C:\>cd svntest
C:\svntest>svnadmin create testRepos
C:\svntest>mkdir checkoutDir
C:\svntest>svn co file:///C:/svntest/testRepos checkoutDir
Checkade ut revision 0.

To use from sharpsvn, use the file:/// syntax.

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When SharpSvn requires you to use a Uri (or SvnUriTarget) you can just use new Uri("file:///C:/svntest") or possibly just new Uri("C:\svntest") as the Uri class converts some variants internally. –  Bert Huijben Aug 24 '10 at 8:03
Thanks, this helped! –  Noich Aug 24 '10 at 13:25

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