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I am using the smarty templating system for php. I have the following within a .tpl file:

 <a href=\"{/literal}/view/{$tablename}/

where $tablename is a php variable defined in the php file that calls the .tpl

$tablename = 'string';

However running the script only


is visible. What am I doing wrong?

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$tablename = 'string';

is not enough to populate a variable into Smarty.

You need to use

$Smarty->assign("tablename", $tablename);

$Smarty being your initialized Smarty object, of course.

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Thanks pal, worked like a charm :) –  David Willis Aug 22 '10 at 18:51

Are you assigning to variable to the smarty instance? e.g with assign()?

 $smarty->assign('tablename', $tablename);

See also the manual page on assigning variables from PHP

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