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I have a UAT test script for which I need to post some reference tables (excel sheet) in the appendix. The excel sheet has a lot of columns and doesn't fit into the MS Word document even when I paste the table in the landscape page set up. Is there any good way to paste such a huge table without making things too complex. I've tried shortening the table columns and also reduced the font size to 8 too. Anything smaller than this is going to make it too small for the business users.

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I believe OP would also want to know a software that could convert excel document as a word table (?) –  sabertooth Aug 22 '10 at 19:17

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1) You insert a new section in the Word document and change that Page Layout (Page Layout |Breaks|(Section Breaks)) to a larger page size, perhaps 11x17 and landscape.

2) Insert the Excel file as an object (Insert|Text|Object|Create From File), checking Display as Icon to save space.

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