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I'm looking for a VERY easy to use 3d game engine. I want to program only the logic of the game, and don't want to have to concern myself with graphics. I just want to be able to download a model, put it in the game, and start programming the logic. I would preferable want to program in a scripting language like Python.

I just want to make the game for learning purposes, and not to show it to anyone (I'm still a student). Most of the engines I've looked at had a steep learning curve.

Please mention any 3d engine that would be suitable for me.


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not a programming answer, but many games (Starcraft 2, Oblivion, Half-Life 2, etc) come with a pretty powerful level editor that includes whatever internal scripting language they use. You might want to start off making a mod with those tools instead of diving into coding your own game engine. – Jimmy Aug 22 '10 at 20:57
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Take a look at Unity 3D:

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+1 Unity is capable, sort of free, and has a large community and an active forum. Definitely worth a look. – Mhmmd Aug 22 '10 at 21:06

Panda 3D is used in education in a couple of schools.

Programming is not easy, game programming is harder, 3D game programming is even harder unless you go with a lot of canned stuff you are not going to find an "easy" out

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Soya 3D which is open source and very high level.

Soya 3D is an object oriented "high level" 3D engine for Python. Somehow, Soya is to 3D what Python is to programming: an 'avant garde' 3D engine, a kind of 'UFO' in the 3D world :-). Soya allows to develop very rapidly games of other 3D apps, entirely in the Python language (contrary to most of the other engine, in which Python is limited to scripting tasks).

I used it a lot when I was into python.

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