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Say I have a binary file which has the following format: 4*sizeof(double), 4*sizeof(size_t), (Ny*Nx)*dizeof(double).

The first 4 doubles and the 4 size_ts are metainformation about the file. The rest is data I want to plot with gnuplot.

Right now I have to convert the file to another one without the header to plot using the command:

plot "" binary format='%double' array=(Ny, Nx) u 1 w image

Q: Is there any way to tell gnuplot to ignore the starting N bytes of the binary file and then plot the rest as if its a matrix?

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The simplest solution is probably to write a small C program to strip off the metainfomation and write the remaining data to a new file.

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That's what I do now, but it'll be better if gnuplot could just ignore a few bytes in the begining of the binary file. That's what I'm looking for. –  Alejandro Cámara Aug 23 '10 at 9:27
I accepted this answer because it's the most accurate from the ones this question received :-( –  Alejandro Cámara Sep 28 '10 at 16:01

You can skip some bytes at the beginning with skip

plot "" binary skip=16 format='%double' array=(Ny, Nx) u 1 w image

will skip the first 16 bytes of the file.

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