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I'm parsing HTML with libxml2, using XPath to find elements. Once I found the element I'm looking for, how can I get the HTML as a string from that element (keeping in mind that this element will have many child elements). Given a document:

        <title>Some document</title>

        <p id="faq">
            Some kind of text <a href="http://www.nowhere.com/">here</a>.

Say I retrieved the body element with XPath and then get the HTML for that, I'd like to end up with a string containing:

    <p id="faq">
        Some kind of text <a href="http://www.nowhere.com/">here</a>.

How can I do this?

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That is the purpose of xmlNodeDump:


When you have a xmlNodePtr node, do something like:

xmlBufferPtr nodeBuffer = xmlBufferCreate();
xmlNodeDump(nodeBuffer, doc, node, 0, 1);
// ... Do something with nodeBuffer->content
// When done:

The 4th and 5th parameters control indentation and formatting.

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Great, thank you! –  johndoe Aug 23 '10 at 6:34
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