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I've got an admin section setup, but am having trouble getting the "update" route to work.

Getting error when hitting "update" via the edit view:
"No action responded to 2."

For some reason the route is responding to the :id as the :action.

Parameters: {"commit"=>"Update", "action"=>"2", "_method"=>"put", "admin"=>{"ended_at(1i)"=>"2010", "ended_at(2i)"=>"8", "ended_at(3i)"=>"22"}, "id"=>"edit", "controller"=>"admin/subscriptions"}

The edit view uri:

Edit view:

<% form_for :admin, @subscription, :html => {:method => :put} do |f| %>
    <%= f.label :ended_at %><br />
    <%= f.date_select :ended_at %>
    <%= f.submit 'Update' %>
<% end %>


  map.namespace :admin do |admin|
    admin.resources :subscriptions

I assume I need to do something differently in the form_for method or maybe the routes, but everything I've tried isn't working.

Thanks for the help!!

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It should be this:

<% form_for [:admin, @subscription] do |f| %>

By putting :admin and @subscription in square-brackets, this makes it into an array which is passed as the first argument to form_for. The benefit of this is if @subscription is a pre-existing record (as-in, one found by find, not created with new) then Rails will know to set the form method to PUT.

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hmm. thanks! that works for another controller. for this one i'm getting a "show" action when doing that. not a big issue as i'm able to force the action, but it's not clean ;) –  djburdick Aug 24 '10 at 0:02
excelent! avoid me some problems –  Nicolas Garnil Feb 4 '12 at 7:29

This works:

<% form_for :admin, @subscription, :html => {:method => :put}, :url => { :action => "update" } do |f| %>

Seems verbose though. Any better ideas?

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Check out my answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/3543673/… –  Ryan Bigg Aug 22 '10 at 22:55


- form_for :subscription, @subscription do |f|

We're using formtastic here.

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The :subscription is redundant? He's also namespacing the Subscription resource, so he'll need to use the Array form. –  Ryan Bigg Aug 22 '10 at 22:55

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