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This is slightly related to the question asked here yet the answer does not apply to my case as I am not using threads:

WPF Not closing properly

I have converted one of my WinForm application to a WPF application, nothing drastic needed to be done except for change a few words to the WPF/C# 4.0 equivalents (MessageBoxButtons to MessageBoxButton, why the one letter difference?).

Anyway, if I run the application through the debugger it runs fine until I come to close it with the "X" button to the top right of the window. The application window closes but I noticed that the debugger still shows the stop icon, checking in the Task Manager confirms it is still running.

I am not running any other threads in the background so I know it's not waiting for something else.

I've only just started with WPF but I assumed that when the user closes the application then it should just...close?

Thanks for the help!

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What is your shutdown mode? If it's explicit, then it's because you're not explicitly shutting down. If it's main window, it's because you've not assigned the main window to Application.MainWindow.

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Thanks! I never knew there were different behaviours for shutting down an application. I simply added " ShutdownMode="OnMainWindowClose" " to my application's XAML as stated in your link and it worked like a charm! –  Jamie Keeling Aug 22 '10 at 22:33

Write this code on application closing button:

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I didn't have a closing button but by hitting the x it will call the Closed event and this worked well for me: this.Closed += (s,e) => Application.Current.Shutdown(); –  Despertar May 12 '12 at 1:28

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