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I have a simple problem regarding a loop in a Rails controller.

Here's the original sample code, the purpose of which is to specify the data to be used in an open flash chart (pie chart).

data_1 = [ => 20,  :label => 'GroupA', :font_size => 15), => 30, :label =>  'GroupB', :font_size => 15)

I need to do this:

data_1 = [
  @groups.each do |group| => group.value,  :label =>, :font_size => 15),

Two questions:

  1. The comma at the end of that line poses a problem. The last entry cannot have a comma.
  2. Even when I try to get this simple loop working by temporarily bypassing the comma (such as adding another record after the end without a comma), I am getting errors:

    unexpected ',', expecting kEND (for OFC2 line)
    unexpected ']', expecting kEND (last line of above code)
    unexpected kEND, expecting ']' (end of controller)

This is bugging me because it should be a simple loop. What's going on?

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Maybe try going a different route.

data_1 =

@groups.each do |g|
  data_1 << => g.value,  :label =>, :font_size => 15)

Does this make sense?

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That's fantastic Andy. Worked first time! Thank you. – sscirrus Aug 23 '10 at 6:53

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