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I need some guidance on payment gateways


i have a web app.. and need to process credit card payments. Can anyone please recommend the best payment gateway provider that is easy to implement?

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I'd suggest you get an idea of the features you want and run with it. If the question "is" programming related, then I assume that you're looking for an easy way to integrate your .NET app with the gateway.

Might I suggest DotNetCharge.

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ok.. what about in term of pricing? –  user384080 Aug 23 '10 at 0:33
also how do I test it? is there a mockup credit card that I can use so it won't actually charge? –  user384080 Aug 23 '10 at 0:54
The testing is done with whatever gateway you choose. Really... the number of gateways is nearly endless, and they all have pros/cons. Just choose one from the supported list in DotNetCharge, and away you go. Guaranteed they have the ability to "sandbox" your app. –  Chase Florell Aug 23 '10 at 5:23
IMHO - I would not recommend dotnetcharge. I found their product to be sub standard, support rude and documentation poor. –  Lucifer Aug 28 '10 at 15:05

I have used PayPal's 'PayFlowPro' payment gateway. They have a nice .NET interation via a .dll they have built and it is quite easy to use. You can learn more about it in the link below:

Payflow Pro: Online Payment Gateway https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_payflow-pro-overview-outside

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RBS Worldpay have an easy to implement interface. Passing them information is done with a specially crafted hyperlink and recieving the confirmation of payment from them is done with a request from the RBS system to a web page with certain parameters being passed. Should take no longer than a couple of hours to get fully working.

They also have a good amount of documentation available on thier support site about how it all works.

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