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Following code works

def lab { return "foo1" }.call
  return "foo2"

puts lab #=> foo1

Following does NOT work. Why?. I get LocalJumpError

class Foo
  def self.doit(p)

p = {
  return 'from block' 

a = Foo.doit(p)

puts a #=> LocalJumpError: unexpected return
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It's the difference between procs vs lambdas (Googling that will get you to a plentiful more of resources).

Basically, in the first case, your "return foo1" is returning from lab, and needs to be inside a context where to return.

You can achieve what you're trying to do using a lambda

p = lambda { return "from block" }

Also, note that you usually don't need a return statements in procs nor lambdas; they will return the last evaluated expression. So, it is equivalent to:

p ={ "from block" }
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If you want to get an expression from a proc, as well as doing

p ={ "from block" }

like Chubas suggested, you can also use next, for example

p = do
  next "lucky" if rand < 0.5 #Useful as a guard condition
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Basically in the second case, you return from the Proc object before you make the call in Foo.doit(p). Since p has already returned has nothing to return to.

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