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I like to work between my laptop and desktop during different parts of the day. I have recently installed VS 2010 Ultimate (Extreme) and am wondering the best way to go about sharing a project across these two machines. Whether to go with something like subversion, or whether to put the project on a network drive and open it on the current machine I am on. Any thoughts or warnings from someone more experienced much appreciated.

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Where did you get VS 2010 Extreme from given that this DOES NOT EXIST? –  TomTom Aug 23 '10 at 1:40
^^ He must be referring to the Ultimate version, I think. –  Dienekes Aug 23 '10 at 1:57
That must be one very expensive MSDN subscription you have there. –  Mhmmd Aug 23 '10 at 2:00
Yep sorry, all these names. Ultimate is correct. –  Chin Aug 23 '10 at 2:47

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I would most certainly go with Subversion or Git.

I have a work & home desktop + a laptop on which I do all my dev work.

I save all my changes to Subversion (which in itself is good practise) and it also means that I can carry on from where I left off really fast.. A quick Update command gets my latest code and I'm ready to go..

Also, to save me from having to copy databases or run database projects, I run my DBs on my work PC (which I never turn off) and access it via VPN. There's no need to change connection strings in my apps either since My-PC\SQLEXPRESS works both from My-PC and from the other 2 computers (because they're on the same network).

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Thanks Marko, Ultimately having a machine you don't turn off is the way to go, I guess. –  Chin Aug 23 '10 at 2:49
well thats only for the DB, I run svn at Beanstalk –  Marko Aug 23 '10 at 2:52
right - I have been looking at unfuddled. –  Chin Aug 23 '10 at 4:16

If you have a server on an accessible networked that gets backed up, use that along with a source control app.

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Thanks, when you say 'source control app' you are referring to something like svn or git right? –  Chin Aug 23 '10 at 1:36
Yes, or one of the Microsoft products if you want to go that route. –  JeffO Aug 23 '10 at 13:57

If you have chance, install TFS. Now TFS can be installed on a desktop machine with Windows 7 or xp

With TFS you will maximize your distributed works. Visual Studio has best entegration with TFS.

I suggest you to use TFS; if you have a licenced copy or MSDN subs.

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