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I'm working on a site and am getting feedback from a lot of well-meaning users along the lines of: "It's not working for me". I'd like to be able to get detailed feedback from them on what they were doing, where, with what browser, etc. These aren't QA folks, and are really just doing me a favor by trying things out. I want to get as much detail as possible, without over-burdening them. Are there any super-simple tools I can point them to that would help them do mini-screen casts or something that would just get automatically sent to me? Or any other options.

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I'm currently doing a betatest with a desktop application, but the same principles should apply. Take as much work of them as possible by extensively logging the page, especially Exception logs. If an error is encountered, a few steps should be provided and a general description of what they were trying to achive. By this, you can see what the user was doing instead of just the technical side of the fence. On the other hand, I could see problems with that if it is on a website, because logging could be a bit harder than usual.

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Maybe ....

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Suggestion: have a session with Skype screen sharing or TeamViewer with the user.

Then you can also directly ask when user is doing something different/unexpected.

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