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I am trying to create a c# class, but I dont want it to be inherited. How can I accomplish that?

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sealed is the word you're looking for, and a link for reference

public sealed class MyClass


And then just create your class as normal, however you won't be able to inherit from it.

You can however still inherit from a different class like so

public sealed class MyClass : MyBaseClass

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Create a class A with method M1 and class B with M2. M1 and M2 methods don't return anything. Call M2 method of B class inside M1 method of A. Conditions are:

You will not put any relation between class A and B No inheritance No interface implementation anywhere. You will not create B class's object in A through any means like constructor / other method / etc. There will not be any sign of B in A and A in B M1 method of A can take parameter but the parameter won't be of type object / B M2 method is not abstract / static M2 is normal method No class has any base class defined Code should not exceed more than 25 lines

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