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I was created the grid in GWT and set the attribute colspan for one row...

gridSample.setWidget(0, 0, new HTML("Can you improve this checklist?  Please rank and submit your comments below"));

gridSample.getCellFormatter().getElement(0, 0).setAttribute("colspan", "4");

The colspan does not work for IE...

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I'm assuming your using the Grid class. This class is not intended to be used with flexible column and rows, thus setting colspan is not supported. If you want to set colspan, use the class FlexTable. It does support colspan. In your case when using FlexTable it looks:

gridSanple.getFlexCellFormatter().setColSpan(0, 0, 4);

However, note that FlexTable is much slower then Grid. So if you have a large table this might be an issue.

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Try this:

gridSample.getCellFormatter().getElement(0, 0).setAttribute("colSpan", "4")

I mean use colSpan instead colspan.

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In IE has bug. When I use:

flexTable.getCellFormatter().getElement(hNum, 0).setAttribute("colspan", ""+colCount);

GWT writes attribute name as "colSpan" with upper case S, for IE (if open developer tools, in IE, I can see it) but IE8 ignored it, when I modify to "colspan" it correctly works. But I don't know, how to fix it in GWT... GWT writes it self... But it really works

flexTable.getFlexCellFormatter().setColSpan(hNum, 0, colCount);
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Yep, that's it, there is a bug, either in IE (also the case in IE 11) or in GWT. getElement(...).setAttribute("colspan", ...) worked for me, tested with GWT 2.6 –  Johanna Jan 15 at 15:20

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