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I always want to get the exact path of an element in an array. Example array:

array(a=>'aaa', 'b'=> array ('bbb1', 'bbb2' => array('bbb3', 'bbb4')));

So, for reaching to 'bbb4', I need to go through (b => bbb2 => bbb4). How to get this path in multidimensional array?

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function get_from_array($toBeSearchedArray , $searchValue , &$exactPath)
        foreach($toBeSearchedArray as $key=>$value)
                  if(count($value) > 0 && is_array($value))
                       $found = get_from_array($value , $searchValue , $exactPath);
                            $exactPath = $key."=>".$exactPath;
                            return TRUE;
               if($value == $searchValue)
                      $exactPath = $value;
                      return true;
        return false;

$exactPath = "";
$argArray = array('a'=>'aaa', 'b'=> array ('bbb1', 'bbb2' => array('bbb3', 'bbb4')));
get_from_array($argArray , "bbb4" , $exactPath); 
echo $exactPath;
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yes, it is working. Thanks –  Satya Prakash Aug 24 '10 at 9:09
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