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I just installed searchlogic 2.4.24 for my Rails 2.1.0 app but got the following error :-

..aliasing.rb:31:in alias_method':NameError: undefined methodmerge_joins' for class `Class'

Is it a version conflict? Does anyone know which version of searchlogic works with Rails 2.1.0?


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You could give searchlogic < 2.0 a go (2.0 introduced a complete rewrite), but I'd rather suggest trying to bump up to Rails 2.3 or at least 2.2 and take it from there.

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thanks stuart! I needed the column_like_any method alone from searchlogic. figured its better to write my own method than update Rails for now :). I will eventually have to get around to the update though, cos I'll need more from searchlogic in the future for sure. – Vinay Aug 25 '10 at 5:52

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