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I currently have this in my ApplicationController

def account_path
  eval "#{current_user.type.downcase}_account_path"

I use it for redirects, etc. But I also want to use it in the view (for link_to's etc). Is this is a legit case to share code between the controller and view to keep it DRY even though it breaks MVC?

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Yes, I'd say that's a legitimate re-use. The helper_method call is there for a reason so:

helper_method :account_path

will make this available to your views too.

If you prefer not to use eval you could do:

def account_path

as the _path method is interpreted as a method on the controller.

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yep - good idea. using .send might be a little safer too. –  Brian Armstrong Aug 23 '10 at 18:30

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