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I'm trying to do a INSERT SELECT with condition but smthg seems to be wrong. I get an 1064 error for wrong syntax.

Here is the query :

INSERT INTO  `db1`.`table`.`field` (

SELECT a.`field1` , a.`field2` 
FROM  `db2`.`table1` a,  `db2`.`table2` b
WHERE a.`field1` = b.`field1` 
AND b.`field2` =  'value'

WHERE a.`field1` =  `db1`.`table1`.`field1`

Thank in advance for any suggestions

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Syntax for the insert select is :

INSERT california_authors (au_id, au_lname, au_fname)
SELECT au_id, au_lname, au_fname
FROM authors
WHERE State = 'CA'

so in you case it like

  INSERT INTO  `db1`.`table` (.... field list ...)
    ... col for select .....
  from table 
  where ... where condition ....  
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not working for me; seems still to have a problem with the second where clause (for insert); wrong syntax –  Kyobul Aug 23 '10 at 8:04
yes you cannot write second where clause like that –  Pranay Rana Aug 23 '10 at 8:06
okay then ! php will do it anyway, was just trying to do it all mysql :) –  Kyobul Aug 23 '10 at 8:07

The syntax for INSERT INTO is usually

INSERT INTO myTable (field1,field2,...,fieldN)
SELECT field1,field2,etc FROM myTable WHERE condition

You need to simplify your queries and think through what you're trying to do.

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My question was bad. In this case it is not Insert but an Update query which is needed

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