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Im really new in the bussiness (of facebook applications) and I have a simple question.

How can I take all of the pages which installed my app?

I created an app and some pages registerd to.. so I want to know how to take them + data from them. (like name, ID, link to this page..) I work with PHP and the "new" SDK + I think that I htave to use in FQL but I dont know how..

Thank you.

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There is currently no way to find out from FB who has installed your app.

If you have the User IDs stored somewhere in a database, you can get there information by fetching:


...replacing USERID with the users ID in your DB, and XXX with the token you kept when they approved your app.

Let's hope you kept that info somewhere safe!

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My guess would be like

SELECT id FROM profile WHERE type = 'page' AND id IN (SELECT id FROM users WHERE is_app_user = 1)

that should select all the id's from the accounts on your app that are 1. is a page, 2. is an app user!

Your question is very hard to read / understand so hope this is what your looking for!

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