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I have added locations into Eclipse so I can, say, create projects from SVN locations.

I am no longer using one of the SVN locations, but it still comes up in the list that appears when I go to Team > Create project from SVN location.

How can I remove this SVN location from the list, using Subclipse?

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Window -> show view -> Other... -> SVN repositories

lists the available repositories and lets you delete the one you don't want any more.

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Follow these steps:

  • Goto "SVN Repositories Exploring" perspective.
  • You will get "SVN repositories" view.
  • "SVN repositories" view shows list of locations.
  • You can right click on location and select "Discard Location" menu.

Hope this helps.

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Note for the reader: A location can't be discarded if it is connected to a project. – Stephan Dec 18 '13 at 9:24

I had to disconnect the local project first, before I was able to discard the svn location using Spring Tool Suite 2.9.2.

  1. So I closed out the project,
  2. went to the svn repository perspective,
  3. discarded the location,
  4. then I reopened the project.
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If are you looking for how to remove/clear the unused Urls from the "Add SVN Repository" dialog, the way "under the hood" is to edit/delete the file located under <Eclipse Workspace Location>\.metadata\.plugins\org.tigris.subversion.subclipse.ui\dialog_settings.xml

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well it's good to know that config is there, the problem to remove svn repositories isn't solved with this answer. You just cannot delete repositories there – Toskan Mar 5 '12 at 12:04

Open your SVN repository exploring, then right click on the location that you want to remove and click Discard Location

NB. before doing that, disconnect all projects that are connected to this repository location.
To disconnect a project from SVN repository follow this:

Right click on the connected project -> Team -> Disconnect...

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Be careful not to deleting the project when removing a repository location, the plugin developers where not smart enough to advidce clearly that the project is delected

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