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Well, I have an application which works with a dynamic panel at mid and when I select something from toolbar, panel changes with;

Public Sub loadContent(ByVal o As UserControl)
    frmMain.panelMid.Visible = False
    frmMain.panelMid.Visible = True
End Sub)

loadContent(New UserControl1(someParameters))

But rendering is too slow than I expect (even on a good configured brand new PC). All transparency keys set default and transparency is off. I am doing some database actions on usercontrol's load also (but its still slow when I disable them). I guess I need something like;

Click Toolbar Button -> Visibility: off -> Disable rendering -> Apply usercontrol to panel -> Paint all objects and do database work - > Enable rendering -> Visibility: on

I am searching something like this, please help. Thanks in advance :)

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Is this Winforms? You might make the tags more specific. Also, are you calling loadContent very regularly? –  Drew Noakes Aug 29 '10 at 18:35
Yes, it is Winforms, and I call loadContent whenever user press something from toolbar so yes. I figured it out by hiding and showing panels but I am still curious about my question. –  EvanBlack Aug 31 '10 at 12:47

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