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I created user control and want to add it to page. I use next code:

Controls_MultiTextInput cc = new Controls_MultiTextInput();

But control doesn't appear on page. What is wrong?

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I am able to add control using this.Controls.Add(this.LoadControl("MultiTextInput.ascx")); But it seems a bad way, because I was not able to set properties of control before adding. –  Anton Aug 23 '10 at 9:41
Does it work when you add a non-custom control, eg a TextBox? –  Chris van de Steeg Aug 23 '10 at 9:47

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this.Controls.Add(this.LoadControl("MultiTextInput.ascx")) is the correct way to load the control because it needs to know where the ascx file is.

If you want to set properties, do this:

Controls_MultiTextInput cc = (Controls_MultiTextInput) LoadControl("MultiTextInput.ascx");
cc.MyProperty = "abc";
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Anton you can set properties !

Controls_MultiTextInput cc 
   = (Controls_MultiTextInpu)Page.LoadControl("MultiTextInput.ascx");

cc.variable = 2;



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