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I'm using WinMerge to compare java files in folders (including subfolders). I would like to ignore comments when the comparison is done, but I don't know how to do it.

At the file level I've found a switch in the option, so if I compare two files the comments are ignored. However if I compare the folders where those two files live WinMerge tells me that the files are different. Then when I click on the files WinMerge finds out that the only differences are comments and it tells me the files are equal.

Any idea?

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You could use a plugin IgnoreCommentsC.dll. The plugin ignores comments within //... and /* ... */ delimiters in C, C++, PHP and JavaScript files.

You could just associate it with java files. Download from here.

EDIT: It seems that the link doesn't have the plugins downloadable anymore. The documentation says to install plugins at installation time. You can find more information about plugins in the documentation (general info, available plugins)

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