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I am looking for a solution to deliver a "wallpaper" banner with the adserver "openx". A wallpaper consists of a leaderboard banner (728x90 px) and a vertical skyscraper. I cant find any option in OpenX itself, so I guess there must be some kind of dirty methods to get it done.

Anyone here having experiences with it? I'm thinking of delivering just an leaderboard banner and then attaching a html snipped to the banner - which contains the markup to my skyscraper-banner... :-/

greg0ire > You can see an example of a "wallpaper" banner on this site (you might experience an overlay banner before, make sure you disable ad blocking extensions): Some days it is in flash, other days it is just a background-image css property set on the body element. I'd like to achieve the second option.


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What language/platform is this? – leppie Aug 23 '10 at 10:05
OpenX is a PHP software. – timoziemann Aug 23 '10 at 10:40
... targeted website is a TYPO3 page. – timoziemann Aug 23 '10 at 10:40

I got wallpapers ads to work through openx using this method.

First I created a div below the content wrapper of my site (using wordpress, header.php file).

<div id="adbg" style=" margin: 0pt auto; height: 1000px; width: 100%; position: fixed; cursor:pointer;  ">

Then I created a div block with the wallpaper image in the CSS and added it to OpenX as a TEXT BANNER

<div OnClick="location.href='#';" style="background: url('image.jpg') no-repeat scroll center top #026eb4; height: 100%; width: 100%;  margin: 0pt auto; cursor:pointer; "></div>

Finally, I took the openx embed code and place it within the ADBG div I pasted above.

This technique worked well for me on all browsers.

You can of course take the CSS in the adbg div and store it in your CSS file.

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Worked perfectly for me. – Filipiz May 18 '12 at 8:18

For the moment, I ended up doing this, but I'd like to see better solutions:

<div class="openx_<?php echo $_block->getBlockParameter('css_class');?> openx_background hidden">
 <?php echo str_replace('INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE', rand(0, 9000), $_block->getBlockParameter('html', ESC_RAW));?>
  <?php echo javascript_tag()?>
    var checkImg = window.setInterval(function(){
      if (jQuery('.openx_background img').length)
        jQuery("body").css('background', 'url("' + jQuery('.openx_background img').attr('src') + '") no-repeat');
    }, 1000);
    //give up 3 s later
      if (jQuery('.openx_background img').length == 0)
    }, 3001);
  <?php echo end_javascript_tag()?>

$_block->getBlockParameter('html', ESC_RAW) contains the openx javascript invocation code.

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Not sure if this is still of interest, but there's a setting in openX for that called "Companion positioning". Have a look at the OpenX reference guide under point 4.6:

It's a method to make sure that a skyscraper is delivered every time a certain leaderboard is delivered. You can then use the prepend/append functionality to color the background to turn this "hockey stick" into a full blown wallpaper.

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