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Ok guys, maybe this one has been asked before, but I searched and ran threw nothing, so i'm taking a chance here.

I'm using the latest vim (gvim 7.3), on Windows 7 64bits.

I've got some remote files that I want to edit directly with vim, using netrw.

Right now, I've got a fully working transparent ssh connexion to my remote hosts, thanks to Putty, Pageant and public/private keys.

I've successfully setup a read/write access to distant files with those fixes:

#### .vimrc ####
let g:netrw_cygwin= 0
let g:netrw_scp_cmd = 'c:\"Program Files (x86)"\PuTTY\pscp.exe -q -batch'
let g:netrw_sftp_cmd= '"c:\"Program Files (x86)"\PuTTY\psftp.exe'

Then I can access a file with :

:e scp:\\user@host:port\\home\me\some-file.txt

And, each time I access remote file, Vim run a windows prompt (cmd.exe) :

C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c c:\"Program Files (x86)"\PuTTY\pscp.exe -q -batch
 -P 22 "C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Temp\VIF215E.tmp" "user@host:/home/me/some-file.txt"
Hit any key to close this window...

My problem is that hitting a key outside Vim each time I want to open/write a file isn't efficient at all.

So my question(s) is(are) :

  • Am I doing it the right way ?
  • Is there another way of transparently accessing a remote file with ssh on Windows ?
  • If no, is there a way to get rid of "Hit any key to close this window..." when Vim launches putty's pscp.exe ?

Thanks a lot and happy vimming.

EDIT: Note to the myself in the past: Dude, just go with linux and vanilla gvim/ssh. You'll thank me later (and take a look at spf13-vim)

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I take it Samba isn't an option? – rlduffy Aug 23 '10 at 18:33
Well, it could be an option, but I want to edit files on a live web server (I know, do-not-ever-edit-on-a-live-environment...). So the less I charge it the better. Ssh sounded like a clean solution, but I'm starting to wonder... For now I'm stuck with a netbeans 6.9 "remote/sftp" project, which is working great, but it will never as quick and fun as a great implementation of vim/ssh could be. Maybe I should start thinking about replacing Win7 by a fresh Debian... – bPizzi Aug 23 '10 at 20:51
Assuming the server has Vim, why don't you edit the files directly on the server? It would be a lot faster. – romainl Mar 1 '11 at 7:03

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WINSCP is awesome. I think it copies a temp file locally then FTPs it but it is "transparent" and is very user friendly.

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These are what I got working today (gVim 7.3 in Win 7) (took me many hours to finally get something working):

set nocompatible
let g:netrw_cygwin = 0
let g:netrw_list_cmd = "plink.exe -P ##### -pw MyPass ls -Fa "
let g:netrw_ssh_cmd  = "plink -T -ssh"
let g:netrw_scp_cmd  = "pscp -P ##### -pw MyPass -scp"
let g:netrw_sftp_cmd = "pscp -pw MyPass -sftp"
let g:netrw_sftp_cmd = "psftp -P ##### -pw MyPass"

With the first command make sure there's a [space] after -Fa or you'll get errors. Then you can connect in Vim via

:e scp://user@host:port#/(path to file)
:e sftp://user@host:port#/(path to file)

I hope this helps some Vimmers struggling to figure this out and get it working. Cheers!

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Instead of

let g:netrw_scp_cmd = 'c:\"Program Files (x86)"\PuTTY\pscp.exe -q -batch'

I had to use

let g:netrw_scp_cmd = 'c:\"Program Files (x86)"\PuTTY\pscp.exe -q'

In windows 7, putty version 0.6, -batch option was not working!

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What's weird is that I get a C:\program can't be found with with "c:\program files (x86)\Putty\pscp.exe" and not c:\"program files (x86)"\putty\pscp.exe. +1 for the position of the quotes (also removed -batch) but don't know if that made a difference. – lambacck Apr 7 '11 at 20:06

Just put this line in your vimrc:

let g:netrw_silent = 1

This will run scp asynchronously (like using !start)

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This seems a bit too elaborate.

I use SSHFS on Linux to accomplish this. It allows you to locally mount a remote path over SSH.

Something similar is available for Windows now as well: It should remove the need for all the modifications on the Vim side.

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Thank You, I'v been looking for something like this a long time ago! – Zsolt Botykai Aug 23 '10 at 14:23
Thanks, that sounds great! Unfortunately, DokanSSHFS.exe doesn't work on Windows 7 64bits (it crashes right after its start)... – bPizzi Aug 23 '10 at 16:46
For the record, quoted from the dokan page : "Dokan library supports 64 bit operating system. However, user-mode library runs as 32 bit application and Dokan.NET library is a 32 bit library. You have to configure your .NET application to run on x86 platform." – Bathz Feb 18 '13 at 8:38

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