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I recently stumbled upon http://www.vosao.org/.
It seems to be the most advanced CMS for App engine.
Before I start coding with vosao, I wanted to know if there are tangible alternatives to Vosao?

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If you are to use Vosao, you can find the content management related functions that can be invoke from velocity template in VelocityService.java . Vosao separate "Page" and "Resource"

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Wow, I have been searching all over for this. A very belated, but heartfelt thank you. –  Kurtosis Feb 13 '13 at 1:01

A search on Google Code throws up many results.

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I just recently moved off of my old Rackspace server running Joomla to Vosao on GAE and I've been very happy with it so far. I looked at a few Django alternatives, but Vosao seemed to be the simplest for what I needed.

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Today we released a Framework, written in python, wich is attached with a package including an exampleproject. This "Projekt" has features like: News/CMS/Shop/Forum ...

It's open Source and you can download it here:


We are still translating some documentation to english ... so stay tuned...

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