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Using ABCPDF, currently generating pdf's with 1mb files. When we alter the pdf in acrobat pro, and simply change the image quality this drops the size to 100K.

I have looked at the documentation for ABCPDF however I cannot find a simple example of dropping the image quality prior to saving the document, hence getting a smaller pdf.

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Without reviewing the code you used to create the PDF, I would strongly suggest taking a second look at it ensure you are using the Flatten method for your document.

The AbcPdf library adds objects to a page with each typically represented as an individual layer. When you execute the Flatten method all layers on the document will be removed and replaced by compressed respresentation.

Example c# code snippet:

for (int i = 1; i <= yourPdfDocument.PageCount; i++) {
  yourPdfDocument.PageNumber = i;
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Appears simple :

doc.HtmlOptions.ImageQuality = 33;

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