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When using Drupal and UberCart, I can view an invoice by going to: admin/store/orders/10006/invoice, but.... clients can't access this, even with the "view own orders" permission.

Is there a way to either give them access to only that link, or an alternative link where they can view it?

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Would like to know this for anonymous users. –  SimplGy Nov 7 '12 at 1:18

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They should be able to see it from their user account page. There is a 'My Orders' or 'My Order History' tab that will show previous orders as the invoice.

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Make sure you visit: admin/store/settings/orders/edit

[ ] checkbox: Allow customers to view order invoices from their order history.

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visitors weren't able to see their own orders. My problem was the permissions (don't know if it was the default settings or I turned it off myself).

Go to: admin/people/permissions

and make sure to check:

[ ] View own orders

for "authenticated user"

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