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I have Delphi 6 prof, with Win7. We have many projects. Some of them are favourites, commonly used/edited.

Formerly I used GExperts' fav. files that is shown in "Open dialog" for this. But this is vanished with Win7.

The main problem that Delphi don't forcable to use a folder as initial folder. What's this meaning?

When I start a Delphi with clicking on a dpr, or start with a link that points to Delphi + the needed dpr, Delphi remains in the prev. dir. Ok, the project is opening, but I'm in the last dir that used in Delphi. No matter that I shut down, and open the Delphi again. It is remaining in this folder.

Delphi can opens the project dir in two times: - a.) select a dpr with opendialog - b.) use the "closed projects" (but this have only 4 items, no more)

I tried many things. I tried to use batchfile that prev. opens the needed dir, and next start the Delphi with the needed project. I tried to set "starting folder" in a link. I try to find the dirs...

But no matter what I did, Delphi not use the project's folder.

This problem, because we have many same folder, and I easily miss something, confuse files, because I think I'm in good directory.

Do you have some idea, how to force Delphi to open the folder where the actual project is in?

Thanks for your help: dd

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I suspect it's a registry setting. Look at the registry and try editing the relevant values there (I don't have D6 handy, and I know it's changed in D2010 which is what I have right now).

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Somebody spoken in other list that OpenDialogs are keep their last paths in Windows. If the application not set this, they get the last. So it is may OpenDialog problem. I tried to find the last directory in the registry but I don't found it... – durumdara Aug 24 '10 at 6:51

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