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I'm using the zend community server on windows vista. I'm following the tutorial in the book Zend Framework 1.8 by Keith Pope.


is not finding the main.css file (404). The actual file path is htdocs/myapp/public/css/main.css . When i take out the slash and change it to


it works fine. However when look up an example of the appendStylesheet function in the zend docs, it uses the example


So it seems to me what right now "works" for me is incorrect. Any ideas on why this is so?

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When you take out the slash, the "< base />" tag will also affect where your stylesheets are loaded from. If the base tag is non-existent, then the css will be loaded relatively to where you are (i.e.: http://localhost/myapp/ will load css from http://localhost/myapp/css/main.css when you're not using slash in the include)

From your description, I think your document root is pointing to myapp/ instead of myapp/public/ and you've got your < base href="" /> configured to '/myapp/', therefore actually loading the css from '/myapp/css/main.css' when not using the slash.

Also, check the path of your document root.

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Thanks! Yes, the document root was set to myapp instead of public –  Matt Aug 25 '10 at 10:02


 echo $this->baseUrl(); 
before you output
 echo $this->headLink(); 
. So in layout it will be like

 echo $this->baseUrl() . "/" . $this->headLink(); 


Git Code

Hope it helps.

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