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I am in a bad need for a project management tool structured the following way.

A customer (company) has:
 - Projects
   A project has
    - Tasks and milestones.

It has to be able to integrate with outlook, so when I email a customer I can see the correspondance in the project management tool.

Does anybody know of a cheap software that is up for this task?

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I use Assembla, it has excellent project management support with Milestones, tickets, time tracking - all with email integration and code repositories. It might work for you.

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I worked at a company who's project management team used Project Insight.


I'm not sure how cheap it was as I wasn't part of the project management team. It did allow for all the usual fluffy diagrams and charts as you'd expect from a project management software app.

They have some form of outlook integration listed here.


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I would recommend Redmine, can do all of that and more. Pretty modern, it's a Ruby on Rails application, and I have been using it with a lot of success for over a year now.

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WORKetc does everything you're asking for.

You can look up projects/sub projects/tasks/invoices etc by customer/company/contact/any tag really. Every project within that has sub projects (unlimited), project dependency, to-dos, milestones, gantt charts, client collaboration, document management, the works.

WORKetc will integrate with Outlook (and many other types as well). What separates WORKetc from many of its competition is its potential for work flow. WORKetc brings CRM, project management, and billing together into one platform so you can do everything you need to under one application. It's referred to as "complete business management."

The main problem with many other application is the fact that they only cover one area of business management, like CRM or project management. You would then have to jump between applications to get customer information, and these couldn't do what you're looking for. It is also important to note these don't integrate well at all. They're a real pain.

If you want more information in regards to features check out the comparison chart linked in my name. (feature by feature, WORKetc VS main competitors)

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Dry Erase Board? Spreadsheet? (I kid...)

I've used Trac with some success


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I am new to project management software's so don't have much idea whether it will suit your needs or not; however, I am using Microsoft Project Professional 2010, for project task management. I will recommend you to try it and see if it helps you or not.

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