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How to convert this Delphi code :

  cnCursorID1 = 1;
  Screen.Cursors[ cnCursorID1 ] :=
      'c:\winnt\cursors\piano.ani' );
  Cursor := cnCursorID1;

to C++ Builder

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The following ought to work, although I haven't tested it.

const int cnCursorID1 = 1;
Screen->Cursors[cnCursorID1] = LoadCursorFromFile("c:\\winnt\\cursors\\piano.ani");
Cursor = cnCursorID1;

(If you're a regular C++Builder user, you'll find that a lot of example code and third-party libraries are in Delphi, so it's worth learning at least enough Delphi to read it and translate it yourself.)

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+1 for excellent advice. I - luckly - started with Delphi (1996 yikes!), INCREDIBLY and HUGELY superior to everyother other offering for developing on Windows at the time. The switch to C++ Builder 4 years later was a sinch). Microsoft had nothing to compete with Delphi & C++ Builder imho until .Net C# arrived on the scene (I had spent years broken and bleeding on the VB cross before finding Delphi). – Binary Worrier Aug 23 '10 at 15:08

Caveat: Code compiled by eye, don't have Borland compiler to hand.

    const int cnCursorID1 = 1;
    Screen->Cursors[ cnCursorID1 ] =
        LoadCursorFromFile("c:\\winnt\\cursors\\piano.ani" );
    Cursor = cnCursorID1;
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Apologies, just changed Screen.Cursors to Screen->Cursors – Binary Worrier Aug 23 '10 at 15:04

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