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I am trying to do simple thing: I just need to set some cells to values that are on the previous rows. I have tried =A(Row()-1) but it does not work.

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To solve this problem in Excel, usually I would just type in the literal row number of the cell above, e.g., if I'm typing in Cell A7, I would use the formula =A6. Then if I copied that formula to other cells, they would also use the row of the previous cell.

Another option is to use Indirect(), which resolves the literal statement inside to be a formula. You could use something like:

=INDIRECT("A" & ROW() - 1)

The above formula will resolve to the value of the cell in column A and the row that is one less than that of the cell which contains the formula.

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Thanks, that is it! –  Bliznak Aug 23 '10 at 15:41
great stuff used this to create diff highlighting –  krystan honour Sep 30 '14 at 15:30

I followed BEN and Thanks and Lot for the Answer,So I used his idea to get my solution, I am posting the same hence if some one else has similar requirement, then you also can use my solution as well, My requirement was something like I want to get the sum of entire data from the first row to the last row, and I was generating the spreadsheet programmatically so don't and can't hard code the row names in sum as the data is always dynamic and number of rows are never constant. My formula was something like as follows.

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please, consider editing your answer so it would only answer the original question (many details could easily be omitted) –  arghtype Jan 12 at 12:43

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