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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Join them; it only takes a minute: is down and something, somewhere in my buildout wants to easy_install lxml from it, despite me boopstrapping with pip, having it installed already and removing it from my buildout files.

How else can I get round this?

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A first way is to look at your buildout directory: you probably have an eggs/ subdirectory in there. Put your existing lxml egg in that directory and buildout should pick it up.

A second, slightly more permanent, way is to tell buildout to use a cache directory. In your home dir, make a ".buildout" directory with a "default.cfg" in it:

eggs-directory = /home/reinout/.buildout/eggs
download-cache = /home/reinout/.buildout/downloads
extends-cache = /home/reinout/.buildout/configs

Also create those eggs/downloads/configs subdirectories. Now you can place your existing lxml egg in that eggs/ directory and buildout should pick it up.

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Thanks for the help Reinout. I have changed my .buildout to use the download cache as you suggested. Problem was that I did not have that egg on my current, very new, dev system :(

My work around looks like this:

  • I downloaded the tar from
  • Removed all references to lxml from my buildout.
  • Did a virtual-env of python2.4 in my target plone directory.
  • Did a bootstrap.
  • Changed dir to the untarred lxml files.
  • Used the python that virtual-env gave me to install from the untarred files: eg. ~/instances/[my_instance]/bin/python install
  • Then changed back to my instance dir and completed the buildout.

So far I am up and running, but hoping codespeak will come back soon so I can get the egg and do the caching thing like you suggested.

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