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How can I count the number of results returned by a "group" query without getting the data ? So far, I am just getting a hashtable of results. Is it possible in rails3 to optimize this query ?

Vote.group("question_id, user_id").where("question_id = 3").count.count
 => 2

In this case we are doing a count of this hashtable => {1=>10, 15=>1}

Query is:

SELECT COUNT(*) AS count_all, question_id, user_id AS question_id_user_id
FROM `votes`
WHERE (question_id = 3)
GROUP BY question_id, user_id
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What exactly are you trying to find? The total of Votes that have both attributes, question_id, and user_id, where question_id = 3? Not sure I understand your query. –  Trip Aug 23 '10 at 18:10
I wanna do a simple count on a group but currently I'm getting a hastable with the data and i have to do a count again to get the number of users that voted on a specific question. I'm doing a group because I can have multiple answer possible by user for a question. –  Gros Oct 28 '10 at 10:06

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You can use count_by_sql:

Vote.count_by_sql("select count(*) from ( select 1 from Votes group by question_id, user_id )")

Or, you can build up the query using Rails, and then run it:

 query = Vote.group(:question_id, :user_id).to_sql
 count = Vote.count_by_sql("select count(*) from ( #{query} )")
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The workaround is working fine. On my test on mysql version I also had to named the table : select count(*) from ( #{query} ) mycount –  Gros Sep 6 '11 at 15:27

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