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The development phase of my project has been completed and now I want create a setup file.

What shoud I add in Application Folder in File System section ?

Where and how can I add my icon of project, database, recource and essential dll file?

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So, you're asking how to make a setup project? You see, the problem is that such a question is much too broad to answer. You should start making one, then once you find a specific question about a single subject which you wish to find an answer to, come back and ask that. –  Will Aug 23 '10 at 17:14

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In Visual Studio, you add a setup project application to your solution. Setup is a project type, so it's like adding another .exe.

Visual Studio has a wizard that takes you through most of the steps.

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Well if your question is like "How do I create a setup of my project?" You should try reading some of the tutorials on internet:

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