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I have a DOM created with namespace 4 namespaces

I have namespace mappings set correctly and when I query with any expression that uses my namespace it returns empty.

The weird thing is that if I export the DOM to a string and then create a new DOM from there my expressions work like a charm.

How can I check that the DOM I'm creating is correct? Any ideas on how to fix this without having to export to String and the back to DOM?

String parseNodeToString(Node dom) {
    javax.xml.transform.Transformer transformer;
    StringWriter stringWriter = new StringWriter();
    try {

        transformer = TransformerFactory.newInstance().newTransformer();
        Source source = new DOMSource(dom);
        Result output = new StreamResult(stringWriter);
        transformer.transform(source, output);

    } catch (TransformerConfigurationException e) {
    } catch (TransformerException e) {
    return stringWriter.getBuffer().toString();

Then loading the document from the string

static Document loadDOMInputSource(InputSource inputSource) {
    Document inputSourceDom = null;
    DocumentBuilder documentBuilder = null;
    try {
        documentBuilder = XMLDocumentBuilderUtil.getDocumentBuilder();
        if (inputSource != null) {
            inputSourceDom = documentBuilder.parse(inputSource);
        } else {
            inputSourceDom = documentBuilder.newDocument();

    } catch (SAXException saxe) {
        logger.error(saxe.getMessage(), saxe);
        logger.debug("Content is not xml"); //$NON-NLS-1$
        inputSourceDom = null;
    } catch (IOException ioe) {
        logger.error(ioe.getMessage(), ioe);
        inputSourceDom = null;
    } finally {
        if (documentBuilder != null) {

    return inputSourceDom;

This is the xpath I'm using

entriesFrom = XPathParser.findNodes(
                                "//ds:artifact[contains(ds:about,\"" + id + "\")]", doc);

For XPathParser code

public class XPathParser {
public static NodeList findNodes(String path, Object src) throws XPathExpressionException {
    XPathExpression expr = xpath(path);
    return (NodeList) expr.evaluate(src, XPathConstants.NODESET);

private static XPathExpression xpath(String expr) throws XPathExpressionException  {
    XPathFactory factory = XPathFactory.newInstance();
    XPath xpath = factory.newXPath();
    return xpath.compile(expr);


NamespaceContext extends IRRCNamespaceContext
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Examples and code please :-) – Lasse Espeholt Aug 23 '10 at 18:02
Can you post the code that converts the DOM to a String and back again, along with the code that makes the XPath query? – Michael Aug 23 '10 at 20:04
Sorry, but I think that I could ask if there is question here? – user357812 Aug 23 '10 at 21:58
don't be shy. show your XML for us ;-) – Leo Jan 27 '14 at 2:04

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