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Has anybody used R to create a Gantt chart? The only solution that I'm aware of is this, but I'm looking for something more sophisticated, if possible (looking more or less like this or this).

P.S. I could live without the dependency arrows.

P.S.2 Which are the magic words that must be given in the search textbox of R Graphical Manual in order to get the (gantt chart) graph of this page?

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A simple ggplot2 gantt chart.

First, we create some data.


tasks <- c("Review literature", "Mung data", "Stats analysis", "Write Report")
dfr <- data.frame(
  name        = factor(tasks, levels = tasks),
  start.date  = as.Date(c("2010-08-24", "2010-10-01", "2010-11-01", "2011-02-14")),
  end.date    = as.Date(c("2010-10-31", "2010-12-14", "2011-02-28", "2011-04-30")),
  is.critical = c(TRUE, FALSE, FALSE, TRUE)
mdfr <- melt(dfr, measure.vars = c("start.date", "end.date"))

Now draw the plot.

ggplot(mdfr, aes(value, name, colour = is.critical)) + 
  geom_line(size = 6) +
  xlab(NULL) + 
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I could only create some data twice :-) –  George Dontas Aug 24 '10 at 11:52
@gd047: That calls for a two-handed facepalm. Idiocy now fixed. –  Richie Cotton Aug 24 '10 at 12:09
It's very nice, but what I'm mostly looking for is a way to show more than one bar for each task (as you can see in the examples I gave) e.g. one for the baseline and one for the actual task duration. Is there a way to do something like this? –  George Dontas Aug 24 '10 at 18:29

Try this:

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Why the heck try that in R? There are far better tools for that. It is possible, using the plotrix package as you found out already

But that's merely just a plot area, some axes and some boxes drawn on it. You can draw whatever you want in R, including tea kettles, but always ask yourself if you're not trying to change a lightbulb with a chainsaw.

Regarding the R Graphical Manual : gantt chart is not included yet. Feel free to add to the community ;-)

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Could you provide some links to the better tools? –  Marek Aug 24 '10 at 12:26
You can start with Excel to make gantt charts. Microsoft Visio offers a whole bunch of different project charts and flow diagrams. Microsoft Project is designed to manage projects, as are a number of other specific software packages. And as Karsten indicated, on Sourceforge there's a whole list of free software tools to create complete gantt charts. –  Joris Meys Aug 25 '10 at 9:06

I used and modified the above example from Richie, worked like a charm. Modified version to show how his model could translate into ingesting CSV data rather than manually provided text items.

NOTE: Richie's answer was missing indication that 2 packages ( reshape and ggplot2 ) are needed for the above/below code to work.

rawschedule <- read.csv("sample.csv", header = TRUE) #modify the "sample.csv" to be the name of your file target. - Make sure you have headers of: Task, Start, Finish, Critical OR modify the below to reflect column count.
tasks <- c(t(rawschedule["Task"]))
dfr <- data.frame(
name        = factor(tasks, levels = tasks),
start.date  = c(rawschedule["Start"]),
end.date    = c(rawschedule["Finish"]),
is.critical = c(rawschedule["Critical"]))
mdfr <- melt(dfr, measure.vars = c("Start", "Finish"))

#generates the plot
ggplot(mdfr, aes(as.Date(value, "%m/%d/%Y"), name, colour = Critical)) + 
geom_line(size = 6) +
xlab("Duration") + ylab("Tasks") +
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Here's a post that I wrote on using ggplot to generate something like a Gantt chart. Not very sophisticated, but might give you some ideas.

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Thanks, thats really useful –  slackline Jan 24 '14 at 8:23

Package plan supports the creation of burndown charts and gantt diagrams and contains a plot.gantt function. See this R Graphical Manual page

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