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I'm using jquery to create a tab-based featured content area on my website - - but am having trouble getting the first tab to be 'active' on load, and then the active state to change to the selected tab when it auto changes.

When I click on a tab it becomes active, but I want them to be set as active automatically.

thanks in advance!

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I assume this tab plugin is pre-made? Try just adding "active" to the class of the first tab from its source.

<li><a rel="0" class="tabSelect active" href="#Tab0">Tierra Latina</a></li>
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Maybe forcing the click on the pageLoad or in $(document).ready()??

function pageLoad(){


If you need the diferences between each one, read here

I just checked that tab plugin, and set active on the one you want to see first should work.

class="tabSelect active"
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Keep a hidden field on everypage with the tab id you wants to make the active on pageload.

<input id="hdnActiveTab" type="hidden" val="tab2" />

And compare the hiddenfield values with tab ids on dom ready function, if it matches with any tab, attach class="active" to the tab as shown below


    if ($('#hdnActiveTab').length > 0) {
        var tabID = "#" + $("#hdnActiveTab").val();

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