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I'd like to create a plugin that exports into a custom document format similar to the way that export to PDF and export to Word currently work in Confluence.

Does anyone have experience creating a custom export plugin for Confluence? If so do you know of any resources or samples that describe what would be involved?

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For anyone else looking into doing this, I would recommend looking at the Auto Export plugin source code. – boileau Jun 21 '12 at 19:36
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Here are the most useful resources that I've found so far:

  • Plugin Tutorial - Adding a custom action to Confluence - This shows how to add an action to the "Tools" menu that appears at the top of a confluence page. Additionally it shows how to interact with the Page object to get more info about the page.

  • Plugin Module Types - The second guide I found helpful was the list of general plugin module types. It was informative to discover that a "plugin" is really a collection of "modules" and seeing this list was helpful to understand how to apply that model to creating a plugin of the type I was looking for. Additionally the Confluence Plugin Guide was also helpful for a breakdown on Confluence specific plugin modules.

  • The Confluence Developer FAQ - Useful for information on how to convert wiki content from a page into HTML as well as a number of other hard-to-find gems.

Finally, it was hard to find, but in order to understand how to "target" a particular menu or area of the existing UI to extend, I found it very helpful to read about the guide for Creating your Plugin Descriptor.

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