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Trying to learn how to work with packages in Ubuntu (and have Gentoo experience). This command is already known:

(1) sudo apt-get install pkgname 

Looking for counterparts of these:

(2) emerge -s pkgname
(3) equery files pkgname
(4) equery belongs filename
(5) cat /var/lib/portage world

Which useful (console) package commands do you use in Ubuntu? Links to Ubuntu packages tutorial in style of Gentoo's Handbook?

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This would be the equivalent commands in Ubuntu:

  • apt-cache search package
  • dpkg -L package
  • dpkg -S filename
  • aptitude search ~n.*
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This question is better suited for superuser.com or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com/.

Anyway, I haven't used Gentoo's tools, but I think this Debian guide on package management is quite complete and you'll find the equivalents.

Some examples on apt-get:

apt-cache search package queries the repo for package.

apt-cache show package displays info on a certain package (dependencies and such).

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Ubuntu Hacks/Package Management - Manage Packages From the Command Line

Debian Reference - Basic package management tools: apt-get / apt-cache and aptitude.

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