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Does anyone have idea about this problem , I have a code that runs nicely for 3000 element mesh But when I want to run it for 17000 element mesh it shows me this error: A common block or variable may not exceed 2147483647 bytes

This is some parts of code:


integer   IA(NDF+1),LPIVTC(NDF),JA(NDIM)


And it shows the error for


Why is it in that way?

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This isn't a characteristic of Fortran per se, but rather your particular compiler or operating system. Note that 2147483647 = 2^31 - 1 or 2 gigabits. Probably you have a 32-bit OS and it is unable to allocate larger amounts of memory. As to why you can't get a full 2^32, perhaps something is using a signed rather than unsigned integer to store addresses and one bit is unavailable.

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but u know the problem is with AA and it's definition i mean if I define AA in this way ,that problem is solved Real AA(NDIM) but if i define it as: DIMENSION AA(NDIM) then there is a problem –  shadi Aug 24 '10 at 22:13

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