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The Command Line entry is: eraserl.exe -recycled It is needed to run "Eraser" ( ) in order to overwrite the Recycle Bin when no Recycle Bin Icon is available.

How do I run this command from a DOS file (.bat, .cmd or .whatever)?

(BTW, installing a lost Recyckle Bin is no easy trick!)

Thank you

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I'm not sure I totally understand the question, but to run a command in a bat file all you need to do is put the line or lines you need to execute in a text file and save it with a .bat extension.

For example

Eraserl.exe -recycled

This assumes the eraserl.exe file is in your path. If not you'll need to include the entire path to the executable

C:\pathtoexe\eraserl.exe -recycled
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C:\pathtoexe\eraserl.exe -recycled

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