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Does NUnit support (perhaps by using a third party libraries) a smart comparison for XML data.

Let's say we need to compare two xml files - the simplest way would be to compare xml content using the no-case sensitive string comparison, but that would only work in a trivial cases.

Is there any library around which could simplify xml comparison - e.g. some kind of XmlAssert?

The functionality I am after - "having a two xml files, compare these nodes (because they are important) and ignore the rest".

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There is work on porting XMLUnit to .Net. I've only used the Java version, and don't know how complete the port is. It may not be ready for prime-time...

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Thanks, going give it a try. Last release is dated back to Apr-2009, is it alive project? –  Andrew Aug 24 '10 at 0:53
Last commit is pretty recent though - that's a good sign. Thanks. –  Andrew Aug 24 '10 at 0:54
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I was looking for the same kind of tool for .NET and found this: Jolt.NET. Going to try it myself.

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