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VS2008 setup projects provide the option to halt installation if a newer version is detected by setting "DetectNewerInstalledVersion". Is there a way to remove a newer version if it exists ie similar to "RemovePreviousVersions" options?

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I personally have wished for this too, but only in the context of triaging inconsistincies between versions and testing installers as I write them!

Not meaning to be smart, but how would this help the user - it merely exposes them to risk of undoing a good installation.

See also http://stackoverflow.com/questions/290011/net-install-package-sometimes-not-completely-removing-previous-versions

As 2008 doesnt do a naive uninstall + install, the install step would need to be able to handle both upgrade and downgrade scenarios.

So 1) beause 2008 doesnt work that way, 2) because its not a normal use case

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