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I have a Pylons app that I am ready to deploy for the first time to production. It has a simple set of requirements listed in


When I run "python bdist_egg" it seems to create the egg file properly. When I copy the egg file to my production virtual environment and install it, however, none of my dependencies are installed. I unzipped the egg file and found that, indeed, there is no requires.txt inside. There is definitely a requires.txt that was created in the .egg-info directory when I ran bdist_egg. Am I runnning this command incorrectly?

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After some digging and searching, it seems that something was wrong with the .egg-info directory that was in place, though I don't know what nor how it got that way. Deleting that directory and then regenerating it with the egg_info command fixed things right up.

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In my case, the problem turned out to be wrong case, on a case insensitive file system (Mac OS X, HFS+). The directory was called munkireport.egg-info, while the name in was MunkiReport. Renaming it to the correct case fixed it.

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