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My real question was why does the JSON fire when the page loads? I only want this to go off when the 'submit' button is pressed.

if (isset($_POST['submit'])) // if page is not submitted to itself echo the form
if(!$valid_zip){$error_str .= "The zip code you enter must be in the form of '99999'    or '99999-9999'\n";}
if(!$valid_phone){$error_str .= "Please enter a 10-digit phone number: '999-999-9999'\n";}
if(!$valid_mobile){$error_str .= "Please enter a 10-digit phone number: '999-999-9999'\n";}
if(!$valid_contrib){$error_str .= "Please enter a valid dollar amount: '0.00'\n";}
if(!$valid_email){$error_str .= "Please enter a valid email address: 'example@example.com'\n";}
if(!$valid_conf) {$error_str .= "Email fields do not match\n";}

 <!-- <p><strong>Error: Please Select At Least One List to Sign Up For</strong></p> -->
          <script>var error = <?= json_encode($error_str);?>;
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This is amazingly basic. I recommend you buy a "Learn to Program PHP" type book and get reading. –  Erik Aug 24 '10 at 3:58
Completely changing the question after it has already received 4 answers != cool. –  deceze Aug 24 '10 at 4:27
Sorry! New to this! –  Dorian06 Aug 24 '10 at 4:52

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There is no element named 'submit' in the _POST array
if $Email is not equal to $ConfirmEmail
$info_str is empty
$valid_email is zero

then do something...mostly split an error to the user.

Effectively it does error checking, ensuring the request has come through a form submit, has a valid email that matches the confirm email and has a non empty $info_str variable value.

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It's a bunch of checks to see if certain variables/post fields aren't set, or if the Email and ConfirmEmail variables don't match.

Broken down into pieces:

if(                             < IF
    !isset($_POST['submit'])    < NOT (IS SET (POST FIELD 'submit'))
    ||                          < OR
    $Email!=$ConfirmEmail       < VARIABLE 'Email' IS NOT EQUAL TO VARIABLE 'ConfirmEmail'
    ||                          < OR
    !$info_str                  < NOT (VARIABLE 'info_str' IS A TRUE VALUE)
    ||                          < OR
    !$valid_email               < NOT (VARIABLE 'valid_email' IS A TRUE VALUE)

Note that due to the ! "nots", many of the conditions are actually the opposite of what they would otherwise be (i.e. positive test if $valid_email is actually a false value - such as being null).

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It is form validator. If form is submitted and email equal predefined email, and other variables are defined.

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if (                          // if
    !isset($_POST['submit'])  // 'submit' element in $_POST array is not set
    ||                        // or
    $Email != $ConfirmEmail   // $Email does not equal $ConfirmEmail
    ||                        // or
    !$info_str                // $info_str is false
    ||                        // or
    !$valid_email             // $valid_email is false

! negates a value. 'foo' would usually be regarded as true, the negated !'foo' is false. '' (an empty string) is usually regarded as false, the negated !'' is true. See PHP type comparison tables and Logical Operators.

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I just needed rearrange the constructs to solve my problem.

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Please roll back the question to its original state, since right now the answers don't make any sense and won't serve any future reader as reference. Then, open a new question for your new problem. Also, please leave answer for answers, not clarifications to questions. :) –  deceze Aug 24 '10 at 4:45

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