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I am using phpThumb on a client website, and as it is a very image heavy application the cache gets huge quick. Today the thumbs stopped working and I had rename the cache folder, as the folder was too big to delete via ftp. I renamed it cache_old and am trying to delete it now via ssh. I recreated the cache folder and everything worked fine again.

Since it seems it stops working when the cache folder is too full, plus just to keep the server tidy, I would like to setup a daily cron job to clear files from the cache folder. I have no idea how to do this though and haven't been able to find an answer yet..

The cache folder has a file in it called index.php which I assume needs to stay, plus a sub folder called source, which again has a file called index.php, again I assumed that needs to be there. So I need a command that will delete everything BUT those files.

Any guidance on how to set this up would be appreciated!

Thanks, Christine

P.S. The site is hosted on DreamHost, and I have set other jobs up via there cronjob panel, and I do have SSH access if setting it up that way is easier. Cheers!!

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it's possible to do this in one command but it's more obviously.

 rm `find /path_to_cache_folder/ -type f | grep -v 'index.php'`
 rm `find /path_to_cache_folder/source -type f | grep -v 'index.php'`

or in one cron job

rm `find /path_to_cache_folder/ -type f | grep -v 'index.php'` && rm `find /path_to_cache_folder/source -type f | grep -v 'index.php'`
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